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Q&A with Technology Investment Banking Expert, Matthew Fan

  • Matthew Fan, Managing Director | Head of Technology Investment Banking

Portage Point Partners recently welcomed Matthew Fan to lead the firm’s Technology Investment Banking team. Below, he shares deeper insight into his expertise and explores trends in the industry.


What excites you about leading Technology INVESTMENT BANKING at Portage Point Partners

“Over the last 15 years providing M&A advisory to both public and private technology companies, I have learned clients often require truly comprehensive advice that extends beyond the purview of traditional investment banks. Rather than merely being advised on transaction strategy when the time comes, clients also want guidance preparing their businesses to get there. By wrapping together M&A advisory with consulting capabilities that span the full business lifecycle, Portage Point uniquely addresses this need. Even in early days of my Portage tenure, clients have been extremely pleased with the long-term and comprehensive perspectives we are able to offer and deliver.”


What recent trends are you seeing in Technology M&A

“After a challenging 2022 and 2023, there is a great deal of pent-up pressure amongst technology sponsors to both monetize existing investments and put capital to work in new investments. Meanwhile, well capitalized strategics continue to actively explore acquisitions. Notwithstanding, a number of headwinds remain including (i) the cost and availability of debt financing, (ii) the Fed’s timing around rate cuts, (iii) conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine and (iv) the US Presidential election. Additionally, all parties are still working through the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Taken together, while the window for technology M&A is certainly opening and there remain significant opportunities to transact, bid-ask spreads on valuation continue to demand thoughtful and creative advisory.”

What would your clients say about you as their INVESTMENT BANKING advisor


“For better or worse, I call it as I see it and don’t hesitate to share perspectives that may be difficult to hear. It is undoubtingly tempting for any advisor to tilt toward pleasing views—but this approach is short-term minded. Even if you win an engagement through flattery, there remains the risk of fostering unrealistic expectations and failing to guide a client to an optimal outcome. Ultimately, good advisory is about solving problems, and doing so demands genuine, honest advice.”



Where do you hope to take the Technology INVESTMENT BANKING practice at Portage Point over the next few years


“We want to advise the most interesting and compelling technology businesses in the middle market and earn recognition from our clients for our ability to manage and solve complex transactions. While the Portage Point brand and platform are relatively new to the technology banking landscape, the firm’s dedication to retaining top-tier technology investment bankers, coupled with the ability to provide capabilities and solutions across the entire investment lifecycle, has allowed us to quickly establish our presence and reputation. We are already gaining robust traction, reflected by engagements won through innovative thinking and a steadfast commitment to client service.”



And why should a middle market technology company looking to transact come to Portage Point

“Portage Point is uniquely positioned in the marketplace to provide comprehensive advice to our clients. Every engagement is mission critical to us and our advisory model enables us to assist across the entire business and investment lifecycle, not just at the point of transaction. Also, the team that pitches the engagement is always the team that advises and executes. We don’t hand-off to a secondary “execution team” as often seen in larger firms. After all, we understand middle market clients place a great deal of trust in their advisors and appreciate that such trust cannot simply be delegated.”



MATTHEW FAN Managing Director | Head of Technology Investment Banking
Matt has extensive experience advising public and private technology companies on strategic acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, corporate divestitures and recapitalizations and exclusive sale mandates as well as go-private and take-private transactions. His industry expertise spans across critical technology sectors, including enterprise software, customer experience and go-to-market (GTM) software, cybersecurity, communications software, business and data analytics and information services.







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