As a function of our principal investment heritage, Portage Point attacks every engagement with an ownership mindset. Our professionals operate with the integrity, commitment, focus and results-oriented leadership that we would demand as the client

Portage Point offers a truly unique value proposition delivering deep cross-functional expertise to businesses and their stakeholders. Our professionals are highly recognized leaders across industry, professional services and principal investing

Our senior team has served in more than 30 C-suite roles during periods of growth, transition, underperformance and distress and has amassed considerable expertise analyzing business operations and developing earnings enhancement strategies. These roles have included crisis management situations where our professionals have provided leadership during traditional and non-traditional insolvency proceedings

As advisors, Portage Point professionals have advised corporate boards, management teams and creditor groups on various performance improvement, business transformation, corporate action and restructuring related matters having founded, led and contributed to several of the largest consulting and investment banking practices

Portage Point professionals also have measurable experience investing in and providing credit to companies across the corporate life cycle ranging from growth-oriented control investments to platform investments to distressed recapitalizations to DIP and exit financings with substantial experience analyzing and negotiating the vast spectrum of related transaction documents

Additionally, our senior professionals have led and served on more than 20 corporate boards during periods ranging from growth to operational turnarounds to preparing for, operating within and exiting from insolvency proceedings with selected roles including Executive Chairman, Chairman, Lead Independent Director and Special Restructuring Committee Chair, amongst others